As a first-generation student myself, I have experienced stress, uncertainty, and self-doubt in higher education. Mentoring others so they don't go through the same experience is important to me. To do so, I approach this experience by listening to, understanding, advising, and empowering my mentees through college.

My previous mentoring experience includes serving as a:


Student Mentor in the Advising, Connecting, and Empowering Mentorship Program for Latinx freshmen in La Casa Cultural Latina at UIUC.

Research Mentor for 6 advanced undergraduate students in Spanish, Linguistics, and Speech and Hearing Sciences at UIUC.

Wooden Steps



I believe good leadership involves listening to people, building a sense of community, mapping the needs, and creating inspiring goals to overcome them. These ideas align with my personality, and that's why I have held the following leadership positions:

President of Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Organization (SPGO)

During the 18-19 and 20-21 AYs, I was the spokesperson for SPGO, the main liaison between faculty and students, and organized social and fundraising events. My biggest initiative was conducting monthly professionalization workshops for students on campus (see sessions and materials HERE).


Senator in Illinois Student Government (ISG) and the UIUC Campus Senate.

I am a senator for the Graduate College during the 2020-2022 term. My goal in ISG and the Senate is to represent, be the voice of, and advocate for international students on campus. I also aim for a well-informed campus environment where students can feel prepared to navigate school.